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Maia Peters - Founding Member, Secretary
Maia is a founding member of TNA and has enjoyed working on a number of their productions including onstage in No Exit, Mythology Project: In the Beginnings, and TNA's Onesies production of Try Not To Step On The Naked Man.  In 2007, she directed two projects for TNA in 2007: another TNA Onesie Anti-Climactic and the critically acclaimed fall production of Fool for Love.  Maia also originated the role of Princess Leia in Patrick T. Gorman's Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes which enjoyed an extended run in Los Angeles. 

Our Own Devices
TNA Onesies: Histrionics
Fool For Love
TNA Onesies: Original Formula
The Angry Guy in the Pink Hat
TNA Onesies: Naked in Idaho
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
Mythology Project: In The Beginnings
No Exit

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