Our Own Devices

3 Nights Only!


A stage adaptation of two short stories by Kurt Vonnegut and EM Forster. These tales reveal how mankind’s constant connection to machines can be often ridiculous as well as dangerous. Both authors foresaw the dangers of technological progress and their fantasies may have already become reality.

Show Info

Where: Art/Works Theatre, 6569 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood 90038
When: March 24-26, 2010
Showtimes: 8 pm
Admission: $10

Free food and drink!

The Stories

"The Euphio Question" by Kurt Vonnegut
Adapted/Directed by
Scott Rognlien

"The Euphio Question" revolves around the test of a revolutionary device that emits a sound so powerful, it creates “incomparable, continuous happiness” among the listeners…but it also leaves hilarious chaos in its wake.

"The Machine Stops" by EM Forster
Adapted/Directed by
Maggie Bandur

"The Machine Stops", written in 1909, shows a future where everyone lives in his separate room and shares his warmed-over intellectual thoughts via speaking tube and video phone. This is a world where all communications and life support are run by the Machine, an entity so omnipresent, it begins to supplant religion.

The Cast

Kurtis Bedford
Summer Herrick
Mickey Meyer
Eric Normington
Maia Peters
Zoran Radanovich
Jean-Michel Richaud
Matt Taylor

Graphic Designer: Josh Bandur

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