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Ken Brisbois
Ken is a writer/producer for both television and theater. His full-length play, The Angry Guy in the Pink Hat, premiered this winter at Two Roads Theater and was produced by The Next Arena. His one-act plays have been performed at Boston Theater Marathon VIII, Ashland New Plays Festival, Fusion Theater of New Mexico, The Elephant Lab, Powerhouse Theater, and Theater Unlimited in Hollywood, CA. His play, Paul & Eddie, was a finalist for the 2006 Heideman award, presented by the Actors' Theatre of Louisville. Ken was on the story team for Big Brother 6 for CBS, and has produced unscripted fare for FOX, BRAVO, VH1, COURT TV, and STYLE. A graduate of Northwestern University's theater program, Ken recently produced a show for Discovery International entitled I, Videogame, which featured The Next Arena in one of its segments. He is currently writing and directing I Love Nato, a short film being produced by The Next Arena.

TNA Onesies: Histrionics
The Angry Guy in the Pink Hat

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