The Next Arena and Mistral Productions Presents

Leonard Nimoy

Jean Michel-Richaud


An Exhilarating look into the mind of a misunderstood genius.

A few days after the death of little known painter Vincent Van Gogh,rumors are flying in Paris. Some say he was a penniless madman, a frequenter of prostitutes, a derelict and soon to be forgotten artist of trifling quality. Others denounce him as a wayward priest and unwelcome foreigner. Many whisper he took his own life in a moment of insanity. His brother Theo, Vincent's confidante and lifelong supporter, is enraged. Tonight, he hopes to set the record straight.


Where: VS Theatre  5453 W Pico Blvd.  LA, CA 90016 
When: Sunday at 6pm
Running Time: 70 Min
Admission: $20 General Admission

The Cast

Jean-Michel Richaud

Creative/Production Team

Director: Paul Stein
Stage Manager:Tommy Dunn
Lighting Design:
Steve Pope
Publicist: Nora Feldman

Press & Reviews

"Insightful and moving." - Phillip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

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"Intense and intriguing, illuminating the mysteries inside the life of the great painter.
David Maurer, Culture Spot LA

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"Richaud beautifully calibrates his performance." - Dany Margolies

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"Amazing, wonderful performance." Leonard Nimoy, Playwright Opening Night Q&A

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