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Justin Asher
Justin Asher (Music Composer) is a composer, producer and performer whose diverse abilities and nimble experimentation have taken him around the musical and physical planet. His compositions have enhanced moods in films and television shows; helped resonate concepts in gallery installations; sold cars and hamburgers; impressed concert goers; and delighted CD players from Santa Monica to Moscow. He was raised in New York City and attended nearby Purchase Conservatory of Music, where he moonlighted as a multi-instrumental session player on his teacherís production projects, several of them Grammy nominated. Justin continued as a session and touring player after college, and began producing critically acclaimed records, working with eclectic artists like Sally Timms (Touch and Go Records), Johnny Dowd (Koch records US), Everlast (Def Jam Records), Ezter Balint (Bar None Records) and Firewater (Jetset Records). He also began composing, writing scores for live silent movie accompaniments, internet video games and a commercial for Lifestyles condoms. Justin moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to compose for television and film. He has since worked with ABC, Ad Council, Travel Network, McDonalds, Sony and Hasbro, among many others.

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